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Payment history is the main factor to affect your credit score. Your payment history is basically the record of whether you’ve paid your bills on time or not. Creditors report your payment activity to the major credit bureaus, typically every 30 days. A single late payment won’t likely hurt your score, especially if it’s a one-time thing. Multiple late payments do affect your score though. This is as true for credit card payments as it is for a mortgage or other loan. Missing a payment on any type bill affects your credit score negatively.
Amount of debt, also called your credit utilization ratio, is calculated by comparing how much debt creditors have extended to you (AKA your credit limit) to how much of the credit you’ve used. Say you have no loans and a single credit card with a $200 balance and a $1,000 credit limit, your credit utilization rate is 20%. It’s best to keep your credit utilization to 30% or less. But, keeping it at or under 10% is even better.
When it comes to the age of your credit accounts, there are two main factors that a lender looks at:
  • The first is the age of your oldest account.
  • The second is the average age of your combined accounts—calculated by adding up the age of each account and dividing it by the number of accounts you have.
As you probably guessed, the older your accounts, the more that affects your credit score positively. Because of this, it’s important not to close out your older accounts unless there’s a good need to do so.
The two types of credit inquiries as soft inquiries and hard inquiries. Soft inquiries don’t show up on your credit report. A hard inquiry does show up on your credit report and can lower your score in increments for some time before your credit begins to climb again. The fewer hard inquiries your credit report, the better.

James Sterling

I would advise anyone who’s suffering from negative items on your report to get help from National Credit Resources. I will not quit using them until my score reaches 850 and that’s a promise.

Don Jones

In just two weeks after joining National Credit Resources 3 negative items have been removed from my credit report and they are still working on removing more. I am very happy!

Amy Fleming

National Credit Resources has really helped me out. I see a difference in my credit score and I’m looking forward to seeing more changes. Thank you, I couldn’t have done it myself.


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  • Ensure your report is up-to-date & current
  • Get the mortgage you want with the lowest interest rates for your mortgage, car, credit, etc..

Frequently Asked Questions

National Credit Resources analyzes your credit reports and guides you through the process of getting any negative, unnecessary, inaccurate and unauthorized information deleted/removed from your three major credit reports which are Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. We provide a comprehensive written plan to achieve your credit and/or debt-related goals based on our in-depth analysis.

Most Members will see improvement/positive results within 30 days. The average person will complete the process in 120 days or LESS. Guaranteed
Items we help people with include collections (from credit cards, medical bills, utility bills, cell phone bills, auto-loans, etc.) charge-offs, public records (judgments, tax liens, etc.), foreclosures, bankruptcies, student loans (held by private companies), late payments, and inquiries. Please note: not all items may be eligible for immediate removal/deletion.

This is a general statement, most agencies and people who do not work in this profession are led to believe that items will remain on credit reports for up to seven to ten years. This is true, if you don’t do anything about the items. We work to speed up the process and get your reports and scores in good standing. We guide you in the process of getting the items removed/deleted quickly by using the Federal Consumer Protection Laws. This is a 100% Legal means of financial repair. Let’s get started today!

About National Credit Resources

Our Mission is to provide industry leading financial reports and award-winning customer service at an affordable price to help consumers with credit issues restore their profiles and build strong credit foundations upon which they can achieve their financial goals and move toward the best possible future. Choosing National Credit Resources to help you improve your scores ensures that you receive the best financial repair services and unsurpassed customer support. Our process was developed by some of the best attorneys in America.

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